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Best Software will fail IF

Main cause for success

Tayrex develops state of the art software, and yet we are always concern that it might fail or the customer will not enjoy the full benefits of what the software can offer.

It does not matter how good, easy to use and functional software is, if the training and support for the product are not as good.

We always have in mind the end users, the ones that operate on your new product. End users may resist change and improvement, many times for the wrong reasons. This resistant may fail the whole project.

We understand that, therefore, beyond excellent software, we also offer excellent training and support.  We offer to accompany your business in the implementation process from beginning to end. 

Usually it is because end users are comfortable with the old product, they know how it works and not less important, they know the faults of that product. To ensure users confidence, our training includes user functionality and responsibility as well as how does the user functions incorporate with other users functions.

This might seems an overkill and you may ask, why one needs to know other users functions. It is simple, when the users are educated and know what effect they have on others, they will work better, feel included and even may suggest improvements.

We believe that empowering users improves the organization as a whole, and that is our point. Contributing to the continuous improvement of your organization.


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